Metra Development is leading the development and completion of a new sector – Metra Park is a brand new neighbourhood in the prestigious part of Tbilisi. The Concept responds to such necessity as the existence of a green district in the center of the city. This means that healthy life in the greenery is possible, available and easy to reach even in the central area of the city today.

Metra Park is designed by Iberia Architectural Studio and Art Studio Project.

Metra Park settlement consists of 20 residential houses. Total floor area of each house is from 665 to 10540 m2. Number of floors is from 2 to 6.

Floor areas of the apartments are from 60 to 200 m2, that conditions diversity of their planning and wide range of choices.

When making a choice, important circumstances like family composition and the budget is fully considered in the project design. There are different projects to choose from – starting with small studio apartments to more specious, with several bedrooms.

Underground parking places are foreseen for each apartment. You can reach apartment floors from the parking area by the elevator


  • Efficiency
  • Parking