The First New York Skyscraper in Tbilisi

This page will walk you through the detailed description of the entire project and the opportunities that await you here.

Cosy place to live in the middle of the park

Tbilisi Gardens, above all, is an idea - create a convenient, relaxed place in the heart of the crowded city to live your life to the fullest, without distractions. Lots of people are putting their best to make this idea your next home. We are certain when everyday problems get out of your way, life becomes more exciting and enjoyable. That’s why we’re building the first skyscraper in Tbilisi which fully complies with New York standards.

Interior Design by Vicente Wolf

Interior design plays a vital role in creating a cosy place to live, that’s why we gave this mission to the best in business. A world-renowned interior designer, Vicente Wolf has been named one of the ten most influential designers in the United States by House Beautiful and has been inducted into the Designer Hall of Fame by Interior Design Magazine.

New Standard of Construction

MYS Architects from Israel designed Tbilisi Gardens project. We planned each tiny detail of the enormous skyscraper with them to seamlessly fit the structure in the existing landscape.


when you live at Tbilisi Gardens.

  • Secure area

    The entire territory of Tbilisi Gardens is protected by a fence with secure access points.

  • Lobby

    Spacious lobby is an ideal meeting point with a dedicated concierge service. The lobby space was designed by Vicente Wolf.

  • Pool

    1’100 m² facility designed by Vicente Wolf brings together saunas, 25 m long and kids swimming pools to help you exercise and relax all year round.

  • Landscaping

    Tbilisi Gardens skyscraper is located in the middle of 21’000 m² of green area developed by Italian landscape designers. An investment totalling $ 1’000’000 is being spent to build green infrastructure and recreational spaces.

  • Parking

    Underground parking has a parking space up to two vehicles allocated per resident.

  • Kindergarten

    Tiniest Tbilisi Garden residents will be greeted warmly with a colorful environment and caring teachers.

  • Storages

    Additional storage units are available for purchase.

  • Fitness Center

    375 m² of the fully equipped gym with experienced trainers will always be there for you 24/7. Fitness centre interior was also designed by Vicente Wolf.

  • Event Hall

    Hall for events with the terrace awaits your noisy parties and huge gatherings.


  • Lifts

    4 high speed lifts to ensure smooth transportation between the levels.

  • Beamless system

    There are no structural beams in the flats so residents have extra floor space and can re-plan the apartments easily when they desire to.

  • Technical balconies

    Technical balconies on each floor for boilers and air conditioners to keep resident's terraces and façades free.

  • Aluminium windows and doors

    All facade doors and windows are aluminium.

  • No shafts in apartments

    All engineering shafts are located in common spaces only not interfering with individual apartments.

  • Facade system

    Aluminium cladded and fully insulated.


Tbilisi Gardens fully complies with American NFPA fire code.

  • Sprinklers

    All common spaces are sprinkler protected.

  • Main door

    All apartments come with special design acoustic and fireproof 3-way lock entrance doors.

  • Trash chutes

    Trash chute is installed within the technical balconies of the building to keep the system isolated and secure.

  • Fire alarm system

    All common spaces are protected.

  • Water tank

    Drinkable water tank to avoid any water supply interruptions for the residents.

  • Emergency Generator

    Diesel generator to keep all emergency systems and lifts operational at any time.

  • Smoke exhaust

    All common spaces and parking are protected.

  • Seismic standards

    The building fully complies with Eurocode 8 seismic requirements.

  • Video access

    All apartments are equipped with video entry control system.

  • CO control

    In the parking ventilation is installed.



All facades and roofs are insulated to reduce heat loss to a bare minimum.

LED lights

All luminaries in the building are using LED technology to reduce the cost of electricity to minimum


Energy Efficient glazing allows to install bigger windows and invite more sunlight into rooms.


Construction process is being permanently controlled by an international team of supervisors.

We use only proven and certified material for construction and support.

Soundproof insulation between the floors and and 4 gypsum layers between the rooms keep even the tiniest sounds in check.

Only copper wiring is used within the building.

Energy efficient walls reduce condensation in the building.


  • Efficiency
  • Parking
  • Metro
  • Power generator
  • Maintenance