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Property Marketing , Strategic Communications and Sales Consulting

Maximize sales, PR and marketing impact for your new development or investment property. Our integrated marketing, strategic communications and sales support approach, as well as a range of digital tools, media channels, local and international events, guarantee efficient ROI and targeted exposure for your campaigns with target audiences. Our property experts have access to the best and most reliable information and market insights, allowing them to advise you at every stage of your property development. Here in Property Georgia, we have unique international contacts, that help our clients promoting their projects on international markets. 

Top Investment Properties

Showcase your new developments or investment properties by listing them in property section of our webpage, that gives your properties maximum exposure across target networks locally and internationally, comprising up to 30,000 real estate investors and agents, as well as occupiers, business leaders and home buyers visiting our portal monthly. You can give detailed description to our property, add presentation to your listing. By using media tools, like placing articles or video tours of our property you can significantly increase interest towards your listing. You can use our mailing services to reach your target groups directly.

Investor Consulting

Uncover best investment opportunities at the #1 property hub. We identify projects that meet the market trends and recommend lucrative properties with risk-adjusted income returns and sustainable long-term appreciation potential. We search for investment opportunities that meet your requirements, through our network of real estate agents locally and internationally. Property Georgia offers non-resident services to help you navigate foreign real estate markets and become your trustful property guide in Georgia.

Legal Advising

1. Completing due diligence on the real property, including checking the ownership title, status and identification of other risks associated with it;  2. Structuring property acquisitions or selling transactions and drafting all associated documents, including for land and/or existing buildings; 3. Coordinating the negotiations between the developer and land owners and drafting their agreements; 4. Providing full legal support for real estate development companies including overseeing the construction process and construction permits, registration of titles of the newly constructed properties and drafting the contract of the sale of such properties.   5. Drafting of agreement for all kinds of real estate transaction such as a lease, rent, easement or mortgage agreements.  

Research & Reports

Benefit from a wide range of real estate market intelligence and researchsources, including industry insights, leadership opinions and new researches, as well as property market forecasting competence. The #1 property hub constantly monitors and packs major Georgian market trends and the outlook for the way forward. Visit the library of our Research & Reports | Property Georgia

Property Media

Our media platform provides a unique opportunity to introduce information about your company, project or investment property to the target audience interested in the real estate sector, both in Georgia and internationally. Showcase your new developments and investment properties with cutting edge editorial content via our media tools: Property TV, interviews, analytical publications, research, property leaders’ opinions in print & digital formats, webinars, podcasts, property video tours highlighting key features of top properties. For international readers and investors, our Property Media channel is the only trusted guide in the field of real estate in Georgia.
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