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SEU Development Project

SEU Development Project

Tbilisi Gardens has been opened

Easter Offer by DIRSI

Easter Offer by DIRSI

Colliers International Georgia Research - What is Georgias Position on Airbnb?

Colliers International Georgia Research - What is Georgia's Position on Airbnb?

Colliers International Georgia and Cushman and Wakefield Georgia plan to carry out joint classification of offices

Hosting Colliers International Georgia and Wakefield Georgia Representatives

Real Estate Trends in Georgia 2017-2018y

CEO and Founder of #1 property guide portal hosting Irakli Kilauridze, CEO of Global Real Estate Company , Colliers International Georgia Real Estate TV Rubric /


OfficeExpert is a present-day, no risk, all reward real estate tool by Colliers International already experienced in many countries around the Globe. With this innovative software, tenants can select their...

Your Company’s New Office at the City Center

Class A Business Center King David offers advanced business facilities and services to tenants. Multifunctional project King David is in operation since summer 2017. Currently three international companies are occupying...

Multifunctional King David

Hosting King David's Management Representatives at Real Estate TV Rubric,BM, TVPIRVELI: Kate Adeishvili - SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR and Nini Mariamidze - HEAD of Marketing Department

City Mayor About General Land Use Plan of Tbilisi

Hosting Tbilisi City Hall Mayor David Narmania

Two New Logistic Centers to Be Built In Georgia

#Megaprojects - Two new logistic centres will be built in Georgia’s third largest city Kutaisi and in the village Kumisi, near capital of Tbilisi to cement Georgia’s reputation as logistic...

Urban Development Challenges

Real Estate TV Rubric / TV PIrveli Guest Speaker : Zviad Archuadze / Independent Consultant

EXCLUSIVE: GEORGIAN REAL ESTATE SECTOR OUTLOOK 2016-2017 | Colliers International Georgia

IRAKLI KILAURIDZE - MRICS Managing Director at Colliers International | Georgia EXCLUSIVE

King David

Host: Real Estate Rubric - TV Pirveli • Saqmiani Dila Guest Speakers: Company: King David Keti Adeishvili - Sales & Marketing Director Nini Mariamidze - Head of Marketing

Advantages of turn-key apartments

Guest Speaker: Shorena Darchiashvili - Deputy CEO of m² Real Estate

Benefits of Tbilisi’s General Land Use Plan

Benefits of Tbilisi’s General Land Use Plan Guest Speaker: Mamuka Salukvadze - City Institute - Georgia

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