Forum Venue: Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace Address: 20 Telavi Str., Tbilisi 0103

THE FIRST ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE & HOSPITALITY FORUM & PROJECT AWARDS Georgia 2019 gathered key players of real estate and hospitality sectors from all around the world. More than 300 delegates met in Tbilisi on October 15. The main theme of the year was BUILDING SUSTAINABLE & RESILIENT CITIES. International urban experts participated in the opening Panel of Building Sustainable & Reselient Cities.

Selected jury composed with local and international real estate and hospitality experts will reveal the winners in April 2020, in the criteria of sustainability and resilience. The winners will be awarded during the Gala Dinner. Colliers International Georgia is the methodology partner of the awards.

On October 16, more than 50 invited investors traveled in Tbilisi and different regions of Georgia and made best deals in real estate and hospitality industry offered in the country.

OCTOBER 15-16, 2019 / Forum, B2B Meetings & Property Tours
MAY 15, 2020 / International Project Awards & GALA EVENT
TBILISI becomes international Real Estate & Hospitality DESTINATION


“If we want to live and practice our business within our cities, we have to preserve them, and the best way to do that is to re-imagine them within the context of a sustainable future. That is why it is our duty to create a resilient and welcoming urban landscape that offers both shelter and a sense of belonging to its residents.”


“Sustainable and Resilient Cities are crucial for the future of the urban, built environment and for the well-being of our natural habitats. The entire design team, including all stakeholders, are tasked with continuing efforts to minimize, reduce and ultimately eliminate the negative impact building may have on the environment. Additionally, when we build, we must build with purpose to create cities that are desirable, enjoyable places that people want to call home. Only then can a city be resilient, lasting, stable and sustainable.”


“Climate change is a global challenge that the hospitality industry must address. Rising carbon emissions are accelerating climate change with considerable impacts across the hospitality sector; extreme weather events increase the cost of operations whilst simultaneously decreasing the value of the destination.

The landmark Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2015 provide both a framework and an urgent call to action against building-related emissions. The ‘Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment’, by the World Green Building Council, states that all new buildings must be net zero carbon by 2030 and all existing buildings by 2050, in order to decarbonize the construction sector in line with the Paris Agreement.
This target and focus of both the real estate and hospitality sectors is essential in BUILDING SUSTAINABLE & RESILIENT CITIES around the globe.”



Majority of the worlds future population will live in Urban areas so Sustainable Development is a call for Action by all countries – poor, rich, middle income to formulate strategies to build economic growth, address social needs, education, health, social protection, job opportunities, climate changes, environmental protection, water, energy, resource management, ` urbanization, transport, science and technology, personal wellbeing, social cohesion, inclusion and creating equal opportunity.
Resilient Cities should be positioned to protect and enhance people’s lives, natural and human-made disasters, absorb the impact of economic, environmental, social hazards, promote well-being, inclusive and sustainable growth, secure development gains, foster an investible environment and drive positive change with government policies that push for resilient urban areas and sustainable development goals.
FIABCI is going to engage with local, regional and national governments, partners, communities of practice and residents to raise awareness about the importance of resilient cities and inspiring action for building resilience for more sustainable cities.


“The rapid economic and social change – clearly visible in emerging economies – is manifested by increasing number of people moving to urban areas. Fast-growing cities will present a wider range of critical pressure on number of stakeholders, including central and local governments, development companies and investment funds, NGOs, social activists and other citizen representatives to jointly introduce sustainable development initiatives, that will have major implications for real estate investment. At PwC, we are proud in actively being involved in supporting different stakeholders to design sustainable patterns of integrated urban development transforming everyday lives aimed at our main purpose as PwC of building trust in society and solving important problems. International forums like this can certainly act as a catalyst for building more sustainable, more resilient cities through knowledge sharing and collaboration among participants and we are looking forward to this event.”


“Living and working is becoming increasingly challenging YoY, as environmental conditions become more extreme, and the resources and ecosystem services that humanity counts on are diminishing and will be unavailable soon. Unless we take radical steps to increase the resilience and sustainability of affordable and quality infrastructure that are crucial to society. AREA.GE – a team of country’s most comprehensive Real Estate Ecosystem Platform, is delighted to be supporter of the Forum, since we believe that this event boasts an impressive lineup by encouraging market’s various stakeholders to capital investment that constitute an economic engine, which is not only physical structure of development, it defines the quality of life stakeholders provide for the communities they serve.”


I’m happy that FIABCI-Georgia has proudly started their activity on Georgian Real estate market and is making the warm welcome to the international investors by the organization of the International Real estate and hospitality Forum. Being the president of FIABCI-Ukraine and Vice-President of FIABCI-Europe since 2018 I am observing the trends in the development of the approaches of the international investors to the choice of the real estate projects into their portfolios.

Therefore I will talk about sustainability as one of the most important trend of the next years at the European market. Sustainability and technology will be key drivers of value at the market. And if the real estate players do not understand these new value drivers they will be in a competitive disadvantage. I’m more than sure that Georgian Real estate developers and FIABCI-Georgia members will benefit from this great event and we will have more sustainable projects to offer to international and local investors in the future.



Nowadays the whole world is embracing the change toward sustainability. But still need huge steps to reach at least satisfied levels.
In my opinion sustainability is about sustainable school, healthcare, people, environment, businesses. We all should try to minimising of required inputs such as waste, energy, air and water pollution, etc.
I’m very lucky to live in a beautiful city such as Barcelona, that cares about this subject.
We are proud to say that today more than 1.000 organisations are committed for a responsable city where all the inhabitants are trying all their best to adopt these new way of life.



Education, skills and employment.
Our key aim is to highlight tourism unique ability to provide skills to find new jobs now and in the future. By 2024, one in every ten jobs in the world will be in the hospitality industry. We are very much proud how hospitality sector is growing in Georgia, but this means there is a growing demand for highly trained individuals, experienced managers and strategists who think differently and are committed to driving businesses forward in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
Through our platform and partners who are world leading actors in this area we are ready to implement talent development iniciatives and with private sector, government and donor organziations built very strong georgian talent pool.


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Natela Turnava

Minister of Economy

Louisa Vinton

Louisa Vinton

UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia


Ilia Eloshvili

Deputy Tbilisi Mayor


Giorgi Pailodze

Deputy CEO, Bank of Georgia


Walid Moussa

World President FIABCI


Giorgi Pertaia

President GCCI


Levan Vepkhvadze

Executive Director, BAG


kate tabatadze

Kate Tabatadze

President of FIABCI Georgia


Lika Kardava

Founder of Property Georgia


Nutsa Abramishvili CEO of Schuchmann Group

Nutsa Abramishvili

CEO, Schuchmann Group



Jury Members
Keynote Speakers
Urban Experts



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