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Chakvi Seaside Resort

განმთავსებელი:Enterprise Georgia
ქონების ტიპი: მიწის ნაკვეთი
მდებარეობა:Chakvi, Kobuleti
ფართი:39360 m 2

The subject property is comprised of two land plots, around 20,000 sqm each. It is located in the seaside resort of Chakvi. The distance from the property to the sea is around 80 meters. Chakvi is part of the municipality of Kobuleti and is 20 minutes drive away from the regional capital – Batumi. In 2014, the population of Chakvi equaled 6,720. Chakvi is also famous for its Eucalyptus forest.

Hotel market in Chakvi is yet to be developed. Currently there is only one upper midscale development – “Dreamland Oasis”, a huge complex (hotel, aparthotel and apartments) with leisure and recreational areas and private beach.

Chakvi borders to Batumi Botanical Garden, which is boasting one of the widest varieties of flora in the world. In 2019 103,283 guests visited Batumi Botanical Garden, which is a 13% increase, compared to the year 2018. It is noteworthy that last year the new electric cars have been added to the garden.

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