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Dadiani Forest-park Retreat

განმთავსებელი:Enterprise Georgia
ქონების ტიპი: მიწის ნაკვეთი
მდებარეობა:Gordi, Imereti
ფართი:491278 m 2

The subject property is located in the village of Gordi, Khoni Municipality, Imereti Region. The property is a forest-park that was laid out in the 19th century, by a Georgian nobleman (western Georgia’s royal family) David Dadiani. In 1841, by the order of D. Dadiani, a summer palace was built in Gordi. Soon to be followed by a forest-park, a project of a French architect, who was the author of the Zugdidi Botanical Garden as well.

The land is comprised of three cadastral codes and a total area sums up to 492,000 sqm.

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ID: 169034
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