Start a New Life in the New Year in a GreenHill Residence Flat

Megi Sarishvili,  Sales and Marketing Head of GreenHill Residence 

By Kate Tabatadze

In the run-up to New Year’s Eve, one is likely to hear the familiar resolution being spoken across the world: “starting from the New Year, I will…” Everyone fulfills this resolution differently, but there is a common theme running across their efforts – change. What better way to change your life for the better, than by purchasing a new flat? Should you decide to start a new life in a new property, GreenHill Residence will be the best choice in fulfilling all your requirements. In this modern residential complex, you would not only be purchasing a flat, but will enjoy all the comforts offered by the concept of a 21st century residential complex: panoramic views, green environment, ecologically clean area, safe and solid construction, and advanced infrastructure.

Property Georgia has interviewed Megi Sarishvili, GreenHill Residence  Sales and Marketing Head.

Why GreenHill Residence?

First of all, you can be certain that there will never be another building erected in front of GreenHill, as it is impossible to develop the Vere Ravine. As for the existing territory, it spans an area of 33 500 m2 and is fully owned by the company, leaving virtually no space for further buildings. Only the space behind the second complex will be used to conduct the second phase of construction from 2018, about which the tenants have been informed in advance. The distance between the apartment blocks is 80 meters, which exceeds the required minimum, ensuring that each flat can boast excellent, spacious views.

Architecture, Ecology and Location

The stand-out building, which has been designed by the famous Georgian architect Irakli Murghulia, is located in an ecologically clean and cosy environment on 5 University Street in the Saburtalo district of Tbilisi. Construction is being carried out by the investment firm My House. The complex will include residential, commercial and recreational zones that satisfy all modern day standards. It is served by a two-way road junction, while the Saburtalo-Bagebi cableway is located 50 meters from the complex. Various educational facilities are located in the vicinity of GreenHill Residence, including the ‘High-Rise’ building of the Tbilisi State University. The metro station University is situated 500 m away.

Pricing and Terms of Purchase

GreenHill Residence includes properties of various types, giving buyers the opportunity to make a purchase within their budget. The complex, which is situated in an ecologically clean environment, stands out through its architecture, uses high-quality building materials and offers its tenants a maintenance service, is designed for middle- and high-income segments. Prostpective buyers can take advantage of an internal interest-free loan, as well as a 10-year bank loan.

Solid and Energy-Efficient Construction

The frame of the main GreenHill Residence building is a monolithic reinforced concrete structure that is designed to withstand magnitude 9 underground seismic activity. Moreover, the building is situated on a rock, further reinforcing its stability. The concrete mixture is exclusively supplied by HEIDELBERGCEMENT.

The outer walls of the façade consist of 30 cm thick, energy-efficient pumice block, while 10 cm thick concrete block with acoustic insulation has been allocated for the inner partition walls. Flats are finished with Saray aluminium composite panels.

Green Space

Green space represents one of the main priorities for GreenHill Residence. Out of 33 500 m2 of the land plot, approximately 10 000 m2 will be allocated for the recreational zone that will include a children’s playground and sports fields, as well as walking and cycling paths. Hand-picked perennial trees will be planted in the area, which will also include recreational gardens with an original landscape design.


Another one of the comforts offered by GreenHill Residence to its tenants is the provision of both street-level and underground parking facilities that ensure secure and comfortable parking for residents and guests alike.

Furthermore, the complex will include a charging facility for electric vehicles.

Green Carcass

GreenHill Residence offers prospective buyers a basic package that allows them to receive their properties with only finishing and interior work to be done on them. Properties will be handed over to the buyers in ‘green carcass’ condition.

Common Areas

Common areas in GreenHill Residence are designed to satisfy international standards. Entrance halls are decorated with natural stone, while electronically operated entrance doors are equipped with intercom. There are individual communications rooms on each floor, as well as stone-clad staircases with metal handrails.

Surfacing works at GreenHill Residence will be completed in December 2017, and the complex is due to begin operating in April 2018. A maintenance service for common areas will be established once the complex becomes operational, which will include 24-hour security, entrance hall cleaning, lighting, elevator maintenance and gardening services – everything that is required to maintain the tenants’ comfort.

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